Empowering the voice of the users

Richard Weingarten


The article describes the creation, implementation and first year outcomes of the Speaking up community;” Telling Our Stories” program in Sao Paulo, Santa Maria, RS and Rio de Janeiro.  The article shows how the program grew out of a call for more lived experiences of recovery among user in Brasil and how Richard Weingarten adapted a similar North American program for Brazilian culture. The aims of the CDF are to inform the public about the real lived experiences of mental disorders while at the same time eliminate the prejudice and discrimination often targeted at Brazilian users and their families. The article contains commentary by the various audiences that have participated in the CDF (medical schools, nursing programs, hospitals CAPs, family associations, etc.) as well as testimonials by users who have presented the program. 


User; Recovery; Empowerment; Mission; Speaking up community;” Telling Our Stories”.

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