Management practices for organizational knowledge creation: retail sector enterprise case study in Brazil

Marcelo Macedo, Ozéias Espíndola, Fernando Gauthier, Fernando Luiz Freitas Filho, Antônio José dos Santos


This paper discusses the process of knowledge creation as a tool to support the practices of the monitoring system of a retail company in southern Brazil. Through the use of technology foresight analysis methodology a model containing the concepts of support, context and confidence from the relationship between the theory of Nonaka and Takeuchi (1997) and the practices of the monitoring system of the company studied is applied. The results of the model’s application are demonstrated by the analysis of the characteristics of support, context and confidence. The analysis of the values of trust indicates how the practices adopted by the company contribute to knowledge creation in the end. The main contribution of this study is to show a useful methodological approach to assess the contribution of the practices to organizational knowledge creation in the company.


management practices; knowledge creation; organizational knowledge; retail sector; monitoring system; prospective analysis; technology prospecting; confidence.

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